Friday, July 11, 2008

1 year!

Well, we've been married for over a year now! In some ways it seems like we've been married forever, but it also seemed like the past year has gone by so fast and I can't believe its July again! We had a lovely anniversary, we began the day doing the things we love; Eric slept in while I went shopping with Belinda. 

After Eric woke up, we decided we should get it over with and eat our wedding cupcake that has lived in the freezer since the wedding. It was not good. We fed each other a bite, washed it down with lots of water, and threw the rest away. Its a cute tradition, but not a tasty one.

Later, we went to Volare for dinner, and it was sooooo yummy! We started with the Crudo, which was soo good! It was raw tuna with pepper on the outside, and in the center was a pile of avocado, capers, red onions, and some sort of little leaves. Then we had a salad with fresh parmesan, and then the paglia e fieno, which was pasta with chicken, artichokes, pinenuts, and tomatoes in a yummy sauce. For dessert, we ordered creme brulee. The waiter brought it with a lit candle in it and said he heard it was our anniversary, and that someone had anonymously paid for our whole dinner!!! We couldn't believe it! Whoever did that for us, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really made our day!!!


We went to church, where the teachers have been meeting every other week to clean and organize (which was fun until we found we found chipmunk poo everywhere in the spare nursery and spent most of the evening sanitizing instead of organizing). Eric and Ron built a shelf in the old kitchen for all of the poster board and papers that have been in a giant heavy stack for decades. We're really making a lot of progress, I'm really excited!

After the cleanup my parents took us to Big Boy for dessert, and when we went home they had left a card and a bottle of champagne inside! We didn't get to drink it because Eric had to go to work, so we're saving it for another day.

Year 2, here we come!

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