Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I just got a call from my professor at Walsh. The BIT 347, Database Administration, class only had 3 students enroll. I know the others girls who enrolled so that is nice at least. He said the class is going to be shifted to a 'directed study' which means we learn the stuff ourselves =/

I guess there is not other way to do it though, the college can't pay him to show up every week and teach so they do it this way, I hope it works out.

Tonight I have my first class of the Spring semester, Software Engineering II. It is the second semester of the class I had last semester. The same teacher teaches it so it should go really well.

My Wednesday class, BIT Compliance, only has 4 people enrolled, but I have not heard from that professor yet, I guess I'll find out what will happen on Wednesday.

I am excited for this semester, the classes seem interesting and I hope I'll get some good stuff out of the classes.

Also, all of the honeymoon planning we have been doing is so much fun, I am really looking forward to going to Disney World =)

Hopefully the cold weather comes and goes really quick, just long enough to kill mosquitoes...

Happy Spring everyone!!!

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