Tuesday, April 3, 2007


On Saturday we went to Carlson Wagonlit Travel Agency in Plymouth (there are a surprising few travel agencies left in this area...but its so much easier than trying to figure it out on the website I think) We booked our honeymoon to Disney World!!! Our original plan was to go down on a Friday night and then not go to the parks until Saturday, but if you are staying in a Disney Resort, your ticket days start the day you get there. So the travel agent called and asked how much it would cost to add one more day, and it only cost $4.70!! That includes tickets and the dining plan! So we moved our Friday flight to the morning, and we'll just spend the afternoon there. For $4 thats worth it.

Our plane takes off at 10:15am on September 14th, and lands in Orlando at 12:53. We have reservations at 5:15 at Tony's Town Square in Magic Kingdom, which is based off of the Lady and the Tramp movie, which was my very favorite movie until The Little Mermaid came out. I'm really excited about that, I'll be ordering spaghetti! And we were able to get reservations at Cindrella's Royal Table on the 17th at 7:40pm, thats the restaurant in Cinderella's Castle!!! They start taking reservations for this restaurant 180 days in advance, and it says its a hard reservation to get so we were a little worried but we got it! We also have reservations at Marrakesh, a Moroccan restaurant, Les Chefs de France, and at Chef Mickey, which is supposed to have a lot of the characters wandering around a lot. We still have other reservations to make but the 2 restaurants I really really wanted were Cinderella's Royal Table and Tony's Town Square, so I'm happy. One of us will set up an itinerary link on our website so you can check out our plans as they happen, and we're hoping to be able to borrow a laptop so we can keep everyone updated while we're there. We have tickets for 9 days, on the 10th day that we're there (the 23rd) our flight leaves at 1:30 so we won't be going to the park then.

We are getting really excited about it!!!

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