Monday, October 2, 2006


We are going to meet with a potential Photographer tomorrow night, I am excited to see what he has to show us. Time is getting a little bit short so I am a tiny bit nervous about finding a good Photographer, but this guy was open...In school news, I only need two more classes to finsih my CIS degree now, but one of them is offered at the same time as a class at Walsh =( It looks like it is going to take me a bit longer to finish my CIS degree than I had thought before, but that is OK. For the Winter Semester it looks like I am going to be taking Professional Communication and Interpersonal Communication. The Profession Communication is online thankfully =) but the Interpersonal Communication class is on Friday nights =/ At Walsh I'll be taking Business Information Technology Architecture on Tuesday nights and Software Engineering I on Wednesday nights. If everything goes right at Walsh I'll be done there after the Winter '08 semester, and depending on when they offer Data Structures again and if it is on a night that I don't have to be at Walsh. That's all for now!

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