Monday, October 2, 2006

Time Flies

September just flew by!!! I've done 3 Montessori weekends, only 13 more to go! We've been learning the Montessori Philosophy, Child Development, and Everyday Living which is a section in a Montessori Classroom about cleaning, food preparation, and basic needs like zipping, tying, and sorting and stuff. I really like it but we only have one more day of that before we move on to Sensorial. This coming weekend I am one of the snack suppliers. There are 45 people to feed 4 times during the weekend, so I'm going to Costco this week. The drive isn't so bad anymore, its always worse going home because I just want to get home so the drive seems to drag on.
Saskia came in yesterday, she's staying for 2 weeeks. My mom's family was over last night for September birthdays, so it was a pretty crazy weekend.
David loves preschool, and I'm getting used to a much quieter house on the days he's not there. Kaylee still takes a morning nap so its a weird feeling to not be watching any kids. I get to help out with the laundry and other cleaning stuff though so I don't get bored.

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