Thursday, March 5, 2015

Christmas 2014-maybe our most dramatic yet!

Last year we started a new tradition where we have our Christmas Eve the night before actual Christmas Eve. They wake up on Christmas Eve, we do our family Christmas nice and slow, and then we're ready to house hop on real Christmas Day. 

So here we are on Christmas Eve Eve, in their Christmas pajamas. We also made the decision last year to stop buying matching pajamas for everyone. We knew at the time that by this Christmas we'd have 4 kids, and new matching pajamas x4 starts to add up! We have a local kid's resale shop that always has a Christmas pajama section, so I just pick from there and make sure there's red and green on it-good to go!

First American Christmas

Another tradition-the kids get to sleep in our room the night before. It used to be because we wrapped presents right outside their bedrooms, but they look forward to it all year so we'll keep doing it.

I got to hang the stockings this year instead of just laying them on the couch!

Ready to come down the stairs!

Christmas Eve Service at church

On Christmas day, we went to Eric's brother's house for lunch and presents with that side of the family, and then to my parents' house for my side of the family. I don't have a lot of pictures of that because Jubilee suddenly had a temperature spike and a febrile seizure. She's had them before, so we already had a prescription for a medication to stop the seizures. We used both doses we had and they didn't stop the seizure, so we ended up having to call for an ambulance. She started coming out of her seizure as they worked on her, but they wanted to take her to the hospital anyway to get checked out. Eric went with her so I could stay back with the other kids, and when she was stabilized and almost ready to be discharged, I went up to hang out and bring them home.
So no photo memories from that day, but I don't think any of us will ever forget it!!

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