Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hong Kong Day 3

The next morning I had begun a routine-the same fried rice and steamed buns at the hotel restaurant before meeting Janice. We swung by the 7-11 to grab a juice and to put some more money on my octopus card, then off to the subway, then the bus, and down the steps to the orphanage. When we got up to the room, the kids were having a lesson about sea life. They talked about fish and seahorses, then went to little tables to do a painting craft.

I stayed and played there all morning, and helped feed her lunch. Then they bundled her up (it was in the 60's and she had on a jacket and a winter coat) and we went back to the hotel. She fell asleep on the way, and Janice offered to go get me a bowl of noodles from a little shop and bring it to me so I could eat while she slept. By the time she got back though, Jubilee was already awake and playing, but it was delicious! She also thought I would like a side of 'french fries' and some more milk tea, this time with coffee in it as well. Then Janice left so I could eat my lunch and have some bonding time. She would meet us back in a couple of hours.

 After playing for awhile and having a snack, we skyped with Eric so they could meet. It was the middle of the night there, so we didn't get to see the kids, but she really enjoyed talking to him.
 We went for a little walk-all bundled up
 Before long, Janice was back, and we went back to the orphanage. I fed her dinner, and went with a nanny who gave her a bath and made sure I knew how to put in her hearing aids. Luckily they are exactly the same as Journeys-even the same size batteries-I had been slightly worried that they wouldn't be compatible with batteries here and we'd have to get her new hearing aids, phew!

We got to spend some time with Jubilee's favorite nanny. Jubilee loves her, she was always calling her name. They played and cuddled and I could tell just how much 'C' loves Jubilee too. She showed us the special outfit they picked for her farewell, then she said her goodbye because she wouldn't be on duty the next day.

They also showed me her suitcase...they had warned me on the first day that her suitcase was 'rather large' was bigger than mine!

Then it was time for me to go, and Jubilee cried a little and didn't want me to leave. They reassured her that I would come back again.

I was exhausted on the way back to the hotel and didn't want a big dinner, so I just went to the 7-11 across the street, which has a hot foods counter. But instead of hot dogs like like they have in the US, it was different noodle bowls! I ordered 'curry udon', and the girl behind the counter didn't speak any English, so I had to point at the picture to order. Then she picked up a tan ball out of a container and showed it to me. I attempted to ask what it was, was it fish? But she couldn't understand, so I said no. Then she held up a tan star and offered it to me, saying something in Chinese. Suddenly I heard a voice next to me say "they are fish balls." A high school student had come to my rescue. I declined all shapes of fish ball, and when she handed me my bowl, the high school girl pointed at it and said "this is very spicy!". I thanked her and added an ice cream bar to my tray. It was very spicy, but good, and the ice cream bar was the perfect dessert.

 This was one of the interesting things carried at 7-11-it was in with the sushi rolls and other cold foods...I wonder if it is meant to be eaten cold?

I fell asleep pretty early, but not before hanging out by the window and enjoying the view

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