Friday, January 3, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Eric and I were up and excited before the kids, we had to coax them out of bed! We did stockings first, which were little things like chapstick, pencils, new toothbrushes, and this cheap pair of heaphones I got for Jeb at Five Below that made his day!

Another new tradition we started is having the kids help us pass out presents instead of having them parked in their spots the whole time. We started with Journey, and went up by age order to pick out a present, read the tag, and pass it out. The kids really enjoyed finding out whose present they picked.

"Why did you give me wood??"


The kids had fallen in love with the book Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper when we got it from the library a couple of months ago. They loved it so much that we used up all of our renewals on it, and then we decided to leave it at the library for other kids to discover. Then we ordered it for Journey's 'something you read'. She opened it up and just saw a tiny part of the back cover and recognized it. This picture shows her mid-gasp, and it's one of my favorite pictures of the day!

Remember the picture I posted of the suspiciously same-sized gifts Eric and I bought? Yep, we bought each other Keurigs. Our coffee pot was a gift the year we got married and has started going on the fritz lately, so we had discussed getting a Keurig or just a regular coffee pot, and then both of us pretended that we didn't really need a new one yet while secretly planning to get it for each other.

Jeb got Eric a new lighter, since ours is really finicky. It was a thoughtful gift that he came up with on his own.

I just love her surprised faces! After all of her presents, she kept saying "Oooh! Thank you everyone! Merry Christmas!!!"

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