Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magnets, and breakfast

We did a lesson on magnets, then walked around the house and made a list of things that we thought might be magnetic. We made our hypotheses, and then I handed out magnets to all the kids and we tested our guesses. Their biggest surprise was when I sent them out to see if the cars were magnetic (they are). They were shocked! It turned into an afternoon of exploration as they wandered around, testing everything with their magnets. Jeb accidentally discovered that the corners of our walls are magnetic, and even though the cymbal on their little drum set was not magnetic, as it slid off, it was pulled into the pole that holds the cymbal up, which caused squeals of delight.

 Jeb has been making his own oatmeal for a long time. I used to mix oats and toppings in little baggies for him and he could wake up, pick a baggie, use his own measuring cup for water, and push the '1' on the microwave. Then he started getting bored of that. So, we had a lesson in scrambled eggs. Since we're never lacking in eggs ;) His first day he made scrambled eggs with cheese and, of course, hot sauce. This kid eats so much hot sauce, he puts it on everything!

Since that first day, he's really figured his eggs out. And he has been experimenting with toppings. The other day he topped his eggs with yellow mustard and a generous drizzle of hot sauce. Blech! But he enjoyed every bite. We've also taught the kids how to use the toaster, and yesterday he toasted 2 slices of bread, then buttered them, doused it in hot sauce, and made himself a sandwich. Journey slathers her toast with peanut butter, but Vivi won't eat the bread we have because it has seeds in it. As part of her sensory issues, she is very picky about the textures of her food. But she still eats her weight in Brussels sprouts, so I'm not complaining!
Vivi had to get in on the breakfast making too on scrambled egg day. Journey chose to stick with peanut butter oatmeal. Journey loves peanut butter as much as Jeb loves hot sauce. Vivi has actually been helping scramble eggs for a year or so, she's my stove buddy. Any time there's something to be stirred, she's there. The excitement for her was when I let her crack the eggs herself, which I don't usually do when it's eggs for the whole family.

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