Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First days of dance

Journey FINALLY started her dance classes this month, and is LOVING them! She's taking a ballet class, and a tap/jazz class. She keeps talking about how she goes to dance with all of her friends, but is most excited that her dance bff from last year is in her tap/jazz class.

Ready for ballet

We had to get a picture of the dance bag too :)

Ready for tap/jazz

She has only had 3 of each class and has already learned so much, and she loves practicing at home. In ballet they are learning the names of the positions of their feet and their arms as they move, as well as some other very official sounding French words. The jazz portion of tap seems like mostly a warm up/exercise, and halfway through the class they come out to trade their jazz shoes for tap shoes and practice tapping with their toes and heels and doing some different dance moves. She loves the way her tap shoes sound!


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