Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vivi's Donut Birthday Party

We finally had Vivi's birthday party last weekend, only a few weeks belated! The theme she picked months ago and has stuck with the whole time is a donut party. Easy enough I thought, but it was really hard to find donut party ideas on the internet, I had to come up with everything myself. We decorated the house with colorful crepe paper and some hanging decorations, and that morning we went to the donut shop and bought a LOT of donuts, both regular and holes. Vivi was so excited about that! She wore her 'sparkle dress', which is her current favorite.

We invited a few of Vivi's friends, but after a couple of last minute cancellations, we only had 2 guests. With our 3 kids, it was a 5 person party, which worked out really well.

We played a ring toss game with a cardboard cutout as the ring that I decorated to look like a donut (but forgot to take a picture of!) and then we did donut hole bowling. We have a bowling set that I was going to use and just call the ball a donut hole, but then I thought it would be funny if we used an actual donut hole. We used empty ice cream cones as the pins and let the kids roll donut holes across the floor at them.

We had lunch, Annie's bunny shaped macaroni and cheese, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, a veggie tray, popcorn, and juice boxes to drink. Vivi's favorite things!

Then we did a craft-I bought spice jars with shaker tops and lids for $.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond, and put colored sugar in bowls. Eric made paper funnels, and the kids did sand art with sugar! Everyone got to take home their jars to decorate cookies, cupcakes, etc. They turned out really cute!

Vivi's cake, made of donuts, with candles that spell her name.

The guests each got one of these as their favor, it says 'DONUT you know you're a great friend? I hope you had a HOLE lot of fun at my party! Love, Vivi' and inside are donut holes. A little cheesy but cute :)

Vivi LOVED her party and is still talking about it :)

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