Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the garden

We're having some progress at the new house, and, surprise surprise, it's NOT inside the actual house. Literally nothing has changed since my last post about the inside of the house. To jog your memory, we have tile in the bathroom, and the tub is installed (but not the faucets). Yeah, we have passed move in date #4 now. Once we can be sure that he won't hide smelly cheese inside our walls, I WILL be publishing his name so you can all make sure you don't hire him. But that's all another rant. I mean post.

This post is really about our garden! After weeks of watering, we're starting to see some food growing in the garden. Nothing close to eating yet, except a couple of raspberries. We did have some strawberries that were starting to turn red, but they have been nibbled away. One of this weekend's projects is putting a fence around the strawberries.

Here we have some lovely tomatoes

This plant we have been calling mystery meat. It happened to be growing out the side of another plant we bought from Destiny Farm in Brighton (which we highly recommend!). We're not sure what it is, other than something in the squash-ish family. We have watermelon, zucchini, pumpkin, buttercup squash, 2 kinds of cucumbers, and none of those plants look quite like this. Hopefully soon those flowers will turn into something recognizable!

This is a cherry tomato plant called Jellybean. They are supposed to be small, sweet, and jellybean shaped. I'm pretty excited about them!

Our 3rd red raspberry. They are fenced so we have actually eaten the other 2. Really good flavor! These are all plants from Destiny Farm in Brighton.

And here's a strawberry that is not yet red, so our rodent enemy hasn't eaten it yet. Although I'm sure he's checking them every night because he knew right when to come eat all the red ones!

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