Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New house progress

To be honest,  there isn't a lot of progress. We have been driven almost insane by our contractor's promises and failure to keep those promises. You all remember in the beginning he said it would for sure be done by April, no problem. Then they pretty much weren't at the house at all in April. We told him we'd already sent out Vivi's birthday invitations since he said it would be done, so he said he'd have the bathroom done for sure by her party. Then he said he hadn't ordered the sink yet, but we would have drywall and tile and he'd put the utility tub in there so people could wash their hands. Well, he did get the toilet hooked up, which we appreciated, but the day before the party there was still no door on the bathroom, no tile, no sink, and no drywall. We used cardboard to patch up a couple of holes in the wall so nobody could see into the bathroom, and put a table next to the toilet with hand sanitizer and toilet paper on it. It was very classy ;)

He is still swearing it will be done by the middle of June, but so far, almost nothing is done. We have tile in the bathroom, and the tub is installed, but we still need the bathroom vanity with sinks and bathtub faucet, the toilet got moved back out so the tile could go in and it hasn't been replaced, and the rest of the house needs new drywall, windows, flooring, the kitchen cabinets and everything that goes into putting the kitchen together, and the back room, which was really damaged, has to be basically rebuilt inside and out. Not to mention the grading on the outside of the house, putting in the patio, and patching up the garage. Raise your hand if you think that will all be done in 2 weeks. Anyone? No? Neither do we. 

But here is our current pride and joy, the tile and tub in the bathroom. I put in a before picture to show the difference. 

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