Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween Recap-it's not too late yet right??

I'm a bad blogger, it's just so hard to find time! I've had the post sitting here waiting for pictures to be added since just after Halloween. I figure as long as it's up before Christmas, it's ok, right?

Jenavieve had a lot of Halloween events to attend! She was a ballerina-we bought a leotard at Once Upon a Child (a resale shop) and found some cute leg warmers and a tutu on clearance at Target. She wore tights and shoes we already own, and my mom picked up a shrug sweater.

She had a couple of Halloween parties, one with the June Bugs, the play group for babies born in the summer of 2009:

We hosted a Halloween party for the community at church this year for the first time in a long time, which was a success:

The Friday before Halloween, we visited Uncle Rick's office (where I used to work) for their annual party, Vivi took her bucket and got some candy there, then on the way home we stopped at Eric's office, and he took her trick or treating through all 3 departments he has worked for there. Then to the bank, where they gave her a whole handful of suckers. Her bucket was already almost full!

That same night we went to the Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo with Eric's mom and grandma, which was really fun. Chilly, but not rainy like last year, and Vivi was able to enjoy it more of course.

The next day we went to a birthday party for Vivi's friend Vivi. It was Halloween themed, and because they live right downtown, after lunch and cake, all the kids put on their costumes, and we walked downtown where they were having a trick or treat event. It was really cool, any business that wanted to participate put an orange balloon outside their door. Most places had people dressed up and standing outside to pass out candy, but other people made you go inside, which was really inconvenient because it was pretty busy and there was only one door for people to get their wagons and strollers and costumes in and out. We did it once, then realized how silly it was and skipped the rest of them.

On Halloween, we went to my friend Alex's church in Walled Lake, where they were doing a fun thing called trunk or treat. I had never heard of it before, members of the church dressed up, and decorated their cars, and kids went from car to car to collect candy. Alex and her parents were dressed as scientists and did fun experiments with the kids, like the mentos and diet coke trick. It was a pretty chilly night, and Vivi wore sweat pants under her tutu (and I made a mental note to pick a costume next year that can be made from sweats) but she had a good time trick or treating. She started to get the hang of holding out her bucket, and sort of said trick or treat. She doesn't know that most of it is candy, but she DOES know what a sucker is, so when given a choice, she would reach into the candy, pull out a sucker, and put it in her bucket. Then she would pull it back out and ask me to open it for her. We let her eat one, and when it was gone, she pulled out another one and handed it to me :)

After trunk or treating, we headed over to see my cousins Adam and Amy. Adam was out with his friends in a bigger subdivision, and Amy had gone out with her mom, so we took the opportunity to warm up in the house. When Amy came back, she took Vivi trick or treating around their little neighborhood, making sure to avoid the scary houses. It was very cute!

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