Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just living life

Not to much to report around here. Jenavieve was sick all of last week, she woke up last Saturday morning with a fever, and she pretty much slept from Saturday to Monday. Then the fever broke and the nasty little bug went to her head, she was stuffy and seemed to have a sore throat, and her breath was very stinky! She doesn't get bad breath yet, must be a baby thing, but this was pretty bad!

Finally, yesterday she woke up and ate, and ate, and ate. She ate breakfast, then brought me the box of goldfish and ate some, then she grabbed a package of crackers (we leave snacks where she can reach them so she can help herself) and ate a big cracker, and then she pulled out a granola bar. By the time she was done it was almost lunchtime, and she scarfed her lunch too! She had a lot of eating to catch up on and was finally hungry enough to do it.

Last week was kind of boring, we had to cancel all of our plans because I didn't want anyone to get that bug, and Vivi just wanted to be held, so we pretty much snuggled on the couch and watched tv. Yesterday I was actually excited to catch up on the housework since I spent so many days just looking at it!

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