Friday, October 16, 2009


We wanted to wait until Jenavieve was 6 months old to start her on solid foods, especially since she was getting breastmilk exclusively. She started showing an interest in eating our food, but we tried to hold off. Then we lost our donors because there is a sick baby in the area who can't have formula at all, so we're back to formula, and Vivi has been hungry non-stop and pulling food off of our plates. So, we decided 5 months and a week was long enough.

I made applesauce from the apples we picked at Long's, put some in the fridge and put the rest in ice cube trays to freeze it, then in labeled bags in the freezer so I can just reach in and grab a cube or 2 for the day.

After the initial shock of finding that there was actually flavor on the spoon, she enjoyed the apples. She looks suspicious in both of these pictures, and much more excited in the next 2 :)

She enjoyed it even more when she got to hold the spoon herself.

I also baked and froze some squash, and she tried that for the first time today. She really liked it! She kept getting mad when her spoon was empty and banging it on the tray, it was very cute.

She's really enjoying eating, and is still hungry all the time, so tonight I put some uncooked brown rice in the Magic Bullet and in the morning we'll cook it and see if getting some whole grains into her fills her up.

Miss independent has also started holding her own bottle. She gets very excited when we make it for her, and reaches her hands out to grab it and bring it to her mouth.

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  1. "She kept getting mad when her spoon was empty and banging it on the tray, it was very cute."
    If I remember right from baby sitting, that won't be quite as cute very soon. :-)