Friday, October 3, 2008

The strangest field trip...

David and I read an article in National Geographic Kids a couple of months ago about this place, and then completely forgot about it. Then Leah called on Thursday and said they had just read about it and asked if we wanted to go check it out.

David was really excited, but Kaylee was hesitant. She finally agreed to go as long as I promised not to let a scorpion sting her! The guy was really nice, he answered all of the kids' questions and even showed them what they eat (crickets). None of them were hungry so we didn't get to see them eat, but we saw them walk around, and the glass cases were at the perfect height for the kids, they were face to face! It was very cool. The guy even let the kids try on the magnifying goggles they wear to inspect jewelry. 

The article is interesting, it talks about his previous attempts at live decor. He's a really interesting guy. We asked if they had ever deterred anyone from stealing and he laughed and said "well, we're in South Lyon, so no" but then told us that he also has a store in Maryland that his son runs that had been broken into before, and the case with the scorpions had never been  broken into.

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