Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy August!

Yeah, he might just be the cutest kid ever.
Camden is 2 months old now, and doing great. He's so big! He's starting to really smile now, and he's starting to make baby noises. We used to just stare at him, but now, he stares back, and makes funny faces at us! He smiles the biggest when Sam is around. He's a momma's boy!

We have had a pretty busy week. While Eric was mountain biking with Uncle Guy on Tuesday, Sam and Alex came over to watch the wedding video. I made a salad and chocolate chip banana bread (that is sooo delicious!) and we ordered pizza. It was a lot of fun.

On Wednesday, we had the first bridesmaid's meeting for Janelle's wedding. That was fun...but I think we did more laughing than planning.

After the meeting, Eric took Sam and I out for a drink. I had a raspberry stoli and lemonade, which I really liked, and Sam had a long island (which I really don't like) and then we shared a fuzzy navel (which was a little stronger but I liked it). Eric had a sprite. I'm on a quest to try all the drinks (well, just the ones that are fruity and delicious). Its going to take awhile. My next 2 goals are one that is blue, and one that is frozen.

Today I had lunch with my dad, ran some errands, and then made dinner for Eric. Clam chowder with bread for dipping, corn on the cob (from Grandma), and beet greens (from Eric's mom's garden) sauteed with garlic, cumin, pepper, salt, and hot pepper flakes. The flake bites were a little much for me but Eric liked it. The clam chowder was from a can...but I'm looking up how to make it for next time. I still haven't used my crock pot...maybe I can use it for that.


I can't believe its already August! I'm excited to go back to work though. I miss seeing the kids every day. David is going to a new preschool, and its 3 days a week instead of 2. That will be exciting. And Kaylee is so talkative now. She's really funny. Last week she said "I love David" and I said "I love David too" and she said "no, you love Eric!"

This weekend is organization weekend...trying to get everything put away and not just stuffed in the spare room. We need to put up some more shelves, and I'd like to hang the art we got for the dining room.

If you look up on the right of the page, I added a link to my food blog. You can see my recipes, pictures, and you can write reviews!

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  1. Aw, Camden is so cute :) Let me know if we can work something out for Wednesday night! I'll need a ride but that's all.