Friday, February 23, 2007


Maybe I should just make a page just for the middle of the night on Tuesday-Wednesday, Sam started having stomach pain and shortness of breath, so she went to the hospital, and it turns out she was having contractions (She's only 25 weeks pregnant) So they admitted her and put her in a labor and delivery room, and although it took them a long time to stop the contractions, they finally figured it out and she's doing better now. She's coming home today, unless something happened between last night and this morning. They put her on bed rest, which is going to be hard for her, and ordered her to eat more red meat because she's anemic. But baby is healthy. She was hooked up to a monitor for the baby's heart, so we got to listen to his heart beat all day on Wednesday, and every time he moved it made a loud noise. It was reassuring to hear his heart and his movements so strongly. Usually on Thursdays, me, my Eric, Sam, and her Eric huddle on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy together. So Sam convinced her nurse last night to let us stay until 10, even though visiting hours ended at 8, so that was nice.
Not a whole lot else is going on, except for time flying and the wedding coming up pretty soon. I only have 4 more Montessori weekends! This past weekend, we couldn't stay on campus so instead of paying $75 a night for a hotel, I went and stayed at Janelle and Ryan's house. It was fun, we watched MTV and went to Meijer to get food. Their dog is kind of annoying but it was still fun. They are about a 45 minute drive from Adrian, which is kind of far but cheaper than a hotel and closer than the hour and a half drive to get home, so I might be doing that for the next few Montessori weekends.
This week is Walled Lake's mid winter break, and the family I work for is in Florida so I've had the whole week off...which was extremely boring and I can't wait to get back to work. I guess I'm one of those people who has to have a job, no slacking for me!

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